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When we are not shooting private sessions or surf safaris, we can be found shooting regularly for our daily reports on the beaches of Nosara. Located in Playa Guiones at the south end is our usual spot. We photograph and video a number of the local surf schools as well as anyone in the water needing it.

If you require a private shoot simply shoot us an email or catch us on the beach to schedule it ( .If we shoot during the day you surf you can always look in our smugmug galleries later that day to find your images. Images purchased from Smug are super cheap but you will require a credit card in order to get them downloaded. Our smugmug galleries are simple and quick but if you run into problems we can simply email you the image/s via paypal. We also have plenty of experience in shooting Real estate, weddings, family portraits, and commerical photography. Email us with inquires so we can show off our portfolios

**Unless you have purchased commercial downloads you do not have the rights to use any of our images without our consent. We take pride in our work. Our days are filled with countless hours of shooting , planning, and editing. Please understand that our photographers work really hard and are not by any means getting rich by taking tourist photos.  While we would like to supply every surf site in Costa Rica with free photos to show off our talents we simply cannot.

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