April 21 “Clean early morning but onshore by 9am”

Head high and fun early morning with light winds, made early birds super stoked today. If you’re like the rest of us we waited a little to long before paddling into a super heavy lineup.It was  packed full of Tourist from San Jose as well as your typical gringofest.  In other words, it was fun but could have been much better if half the people weren’t on the same peak.  Surf schools somehow got the intelligent idea to take their students to the outside so they could get their ass handed to them while screwing everyone else’s chance of having any kind of fun. Good day to travel to your secret spot. Surf should hold up as another good swell approaches.. Today you can see galleries from each of our staff photographers. Alfredo,Matt, and myself all took turns on the camera. Alfredo and my gallery can be seen below while Matt’s photos from the North End will be posted on Facebook later~

enjoy the rest of the week


[nggallery id=155]

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