April 23 “Go Surf”

I love surprises and boy was the surf today one. It started off waist to chest high but immediately after low tide (8:30ish) it jacked to overhead and big barrels . Forgot to mention the offshore winds adding to the form. I would give it a 4/ 1/2 stars out of five for Guiones. According to Magic Seaweed there is nothing spectacular in the making but that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t have some good stuff.  Marbella, Ostional, could be the call when the tides get right early morning or  towards the evenings could be fun as well.
Enjoy the week no matter where you’re at. We have lots of photos so stop by and check them out. Our online galleries are updated til about April 4th (We hope to have them updated to date really soon)  Paz Y amor! G




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