April 27 “Big Surf, Bad Form”

Surf today is running head high still but the shape is very poor for Playa Guiones. Looks like it will stay big the next few days into Sunday where it drops drastically in size. Meaning get your surfing in while you can. We are headed to Santa Teresa/Mal Pais and excited to be covering the locals in the Circuito Nacional aka CNS. We have a hand full of locals who follow the circuit. Wish them luck!
Today’s photos are from Matt Vaughan. Matt joined NosaraShack a few months back and blew us away with his photo composition. We are truly glad to have him on the team. Did you know we also photograph weddings? With over 10 years experience in beach photography, we know all the spots and the people in the Nosara area when it comes to anything wedding related. Check out www.projectgfs.com for more info.

Enjoy the middle of the week!

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