April 9 “Funstuff”

Looks like Magic seaweed is a little off this week. Today is head high and fast early morning and a little overhead in the evening. Looks like it’s scheduled to get a little smaller into the weekend and by Sat/Sun another little pulse might enter. I can honestly say I have no clue what it’s going to do but 1-2 foot isn’t likely with these south swells. My call would be chest/head all week and fun early mornings.

Because we’re getting busy every day around 2pm we decided to extend photo sales to 3pm. We are now open Monday-Sunday 10-3pm . If you missed us while you were here simply send us an email so we can upload your gallery (surf@Nosarashack.com) If you’re in town we invite you to stop by say hello buy a shirt/hat and start your weekly gallery. We have people who come in daily to see their progress. (And if we know ur interested we make sure to snap lots more photos of you during your sessions)
Thanks to Alfredo and Matt Vaughan for all the hard work. We are now a team of 3 (bye Candice.. we miss you already) and pretty solid with what we do.
THanks for supporting the Shack . Peace and Love, Graham

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