Aug .13 “Going Through Changes”

So we’ve got some changes coming next season and we think they’re for the best. Rather than spending our days doing countless hours of kook photography, surf school infestations, or photographing for your narcissistic needs,  we’ve decided to simplify and do a daily report highlighting the waves and maybe throw a few pay the bills shots in as well. We’re aimed at focusing on appointment photography and video sessions and you can find a daily blog showcasing our day. This seemed to work much better this past season. It will give us a chance to focus on quality versus just posting a bunch of free photos for the public to use on their facebook pages. What can  you expect for this site? Well, Beautiful pictures, Smart Ass comments, Great Local Surfing, CNS (CR pro circuit )  coverage, and a bunch of other shit that will make you love and hate us. Did I mention some sweet videos?  So pardon our mess in the next couple of months while we sell all of our old crap (cause the gear’s lifetime is less than a year on the beach) and collect some new gear for the high season. and restructure the site…~graham

Here is a video from Costa Rica to get you through the day and no we didn’t film it but these Brazilians do a good job of making insane videos from this area.

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