Aug 8 “Onshore Early Morning Slopfest”


Surf is okay South Guiones but it could  be better. The onshore winds didn’t help the matter. Winds have been hard onshore in the evenings as well so look for a repeat of that again today. Good news is the sun is out and the rainy season is pretty calm at the moment. Not much at all as far as rain goes these days. Our path to the beach is normally full of water this time of year behind our house and it’s been dry the last week.  That will more than likely change soon though. Alfredo should be back taking photos later this week and might be taking over the shack for a couple of months while I head to get some things done back in the States. We will regroup in the high season with the ever so famous Matt Vaughan and a ton of new camera gear. So if you plan on robbing my house again you should probably wait….  Great big plans for next year. We plan on bombing the entire business section of Guiones  with napalm then building a huge 60 story skyscraper with the Nosara Shack logo spinning at the top. We will then charge 10$ for a ride to the top on the elevator and sell every inch of sand in Costa Rica… Nah not our style. We’ll be surfing and shooting and making art the way we know and guess what? We’re absolutely cool with that!  Tuanis, Pura Vida, Paz y Amor ! ~graham

Northern Vibe today.


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