Dec 20 ” Chest to Head and SOFT”

Tides are still wrong but it should improve in the next couple of mornings with the size staying waist to chest until Saturday and Sunday. During the weekend we should see a nice little bump in size and it should make for some really good holiday surf sessions if you’re in the area.
Lots of news.

We have our T-shirts coming in THursday. It’s our first batch ever (well, besides the handmade screens I did) and they look incredible. I will post some photos in the days to come and take orders. We ordered these shirts in materials we like and wanted them to look like something we would want to wear as opposed to something that just had our logo on it. Thanks Wim for hooking it up.

Matt Vaughan is not only back in town but has brought his water camera to add to his already stellar photos.  Can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Video work. In the past I have been turning down video work right and left because I have been super slammed but thanks to freelance videographer Mike from pipa fria .com we can put together any video your business requires. As for surfing flix, between him and myself we should be able to keep you more than stoked! So stay tuned as we continue to incorporate more videos into our weekly reports.

Nosara will be expanding in Jan with a sister site. We will release the name when it’s live.  The sites will work together and share the same FB fan page but also offer reports from Mal Pais/Santa Teresa . We’re pretty sure the photography is going to be SICK!

Today’s photography is from Alfredo Barquero. Nosara’s most awesomest Tico photographer!


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