Dec 26 “Crowded and bumpy”

Today's Tide - Nosara Time Times for Nosara

High 1:11AM 2.5m
Low 7:32AM 0.4m
High 1:48PM 2.3m
Low 7:40PM 0.6m
First Light 5:33AM
Sunrise 5:56AM
Sunset 5:31PM
Last Light 5:54PM

Hope everyone enjoyed Christmas. It came and went  so fast. Costa Rica is a pretty good place to be during the holidays. It’s been pretty warm lately and we are experiencing another batch of aftershocks but nothing to get that worked up over as of yet. Always keep in the back of your mind an escape route and try to have an emergency bag ready at all times.

The surf today is Chest high with some bigger sets and a side shore wind bumping it up a little. Low tides and a full moon making for dumpy conditions, but Guiones gets good during these times. Looks like we should see some average sized surf into next week  with nothing spectacular in the works.

Matt Vaughan will be blessing the area with his beautiful photos very soon. I always look forward to seeing his creative eye and this season is sure to please with his new water gear.  We love booking private sessions so if you’re wanting some fun surf photo in Guiones or surrounding beaches be sure to book us for a private session.

Anyone wondering what is happening with the magazine will be happy to know it’s online and waiting for a final review before we publish it next month.  I often rush things but I decided to take my time and put out something that I think everyone can enjoy. The screen clip below is what we’ve assembled.

Spread the peaks , share the waves, and please stop dropping in on my wife. She hardly ever gets to surf and when she does it always gets ruined by some douche bag dropping in on her.

Peace and love, graham


















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