Dec 5 “Clean, Crowded, Christmas time”

Today's Tide - Nosara Time Times for Nosara

Low 12:41AM 0.5m
High 6:53AM 2.4m
Low 12:58PM 0.3m
High 7:25PM 2.5m
First Light 5:23AM
Sunrise 5:45AM
Sunset 5:21PM
Last Light 5:44PM

Fun condtions today and a not so fun crowd. high season is here. Main break is full of joe rippers and surf school students being pushed in blindly to well overhead peaks with a little punch. A few people told me how miserable their session was due to the crowd. I was kind of happy I didn’t attend the mayhem. With 3 miles of beach there is no reason not to spread the peaks and share the waves. Know your limits also, If your instructor pushes you into something you are not comfortable with, you might want to consider getting another instructor. A fin to the head and a bunch of stitches can ruin your holiday fun…

Surf is head high with some bigger sets and a dropping tide. Looks like we should see swell for a few days. Enjoy the photos as we have many more in our office and on our facebook fan page. Come out to Chamans Bar tnite and see our slideshow.
Peace, g



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