Dec 5 “Isn’t that Swell”

Yup Wally, it’s swell and a good one at that. THis evening jumped to a little overhead and super clean. Long lines and a low tide made for 4 stars in my rating system of 5 being the max. Crowd factor was insane. Wall to wall packed on the peaks with everyone you know and their brother as well as a ton of tourist in between. If you know a secret spot I would hit it tomorrow because it’s gonna be good in the morning. If you’re stuck surfing here in GUiones don’t be afraid to paddle down the beach and find your own peak. These swells produce waves all the way south as well as north if you want to venture a little.

We should be back on the beach early morning tomorrow taking photos. Stop by and say hello to one of our 4 photographers. BOOK A PRIVATE SESSION AND AVOID THE HASSLE OF SEARCHING FOR YOUR PHOTOS. SURF@NOSARASHACK.COM or 26820956.

Have a great week! We should have surf for a while,

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