Dec 6 ” SNAKEFEST 2011″

Seriously,  I mean who looks at someone and drops in on them then pretends it was an accident? SPREAD THE PEAK AND BE RESPECTFUL TO FELLOW SURFERS> SHARE THE WAVES>GOD DOESN’T LIKE WAVE HOGS>NEITHER DOES ALLAH ܐܠܗܐ  !!! KARMA GOES A LONG WAY..

With this said I was super glad to be behind the lens and not in the middle of the lineup today. I am not sure who won the heat ……….

SURF is head high and… Soft with  a workable wall once you get inside to a nice section to launch, get pitted, or explode into pieces. Looks like the swell will drop in size until Friday when it should increase once again. We have some beautiful photos from today from both Candice Storm and myself. ..

I have to go out of town tomorrow but C STORM will be in full control of the media floating in. She has some early morning clients but can be book later in the day if needed. Tap her on the shoulder and tell her you want her to shoot you.  She is the blonde but if you tap the other chick who takes photos that’s cool too because she seems cool and does good work…Enjoy the rest of the week. VIsit our where to page and support our Sponsors. THese are some of the area’s best businesses.

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