yup, that’s what the mentality is in the water yet again. Small waves, hot babes, and 1000 of you best friend combined with 11 surf schools pushing people into waves and you get the surf report for Playa Guiones.  WIth that said, amongst all the mayhem I managed to make what I think is a cool little video highlighting some local talent.  It’s rendering now but should be up by the end of the night.

Today was- Waist to Stomach high sets, clean and fast due to the low tides.

Keep your fingers crossed for this swell to pick up into Friday evening so it thins some of the crowd down. We have some great photography on our facebook page so be sure to check it out and become a fan. Wanna book a private session? It’s super easy. Give us a buzz or email We can even travel to other breaks or take you down the beach for some privacy.

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