Feb 17 “Waves & Babes”

Well I shot a few photos South End this morning and had to meet a client at the North so I walked up that way while taking photos. Surf today is chest to head high with onshore winds and poor/fair conditions. Far North on the reef at low tide makes for incredible images, not the images of the Euro Girls topless (however that is always nice to photograph),  but the images of the surf and the wildlife. Kinda gives you the feeling of being in Costa Rica. Why did you come to Costa Rica? Was it to surf a crowded main break with 100000 kooks and surf schools trying to get a photo on the main page of a kooky Realty site or was it to indulge in culture, language, and beautiful landscapes?  So if you’re tired of boring blue photos of zoomed in kooky turns and want to be a little more creative you should venture North with us or without us. Either way there is a big beach which people should take advantage of. SPREAD OUT and  SHARE THE WAVES. Learn the true meaning of surfing and you’ll want nothing to do with the other bullshit I can promise.  We’re not here to sell you anything if you like our photos keep them. Drag and drop.. If you want higer Resolution maybe throw in a few bucks and buy one from the smugmug gallery. Dedicated to bringing you true surf reports, news, videos, and forecast in this area and nada mas. Enjoy the day and Matt’s photos will be added in another gallery below mine later.. ~graham

Graham Photos
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Matt Photos
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