Friday April 19 “Our First Rain”

1st things 1st. sorry for the lack of reports but we’ve been cramming trying to finish our first issue of Nosara Shack Magazine. We’ve also been surfing our asses off as well as doing odd photography jobs to pay the bills. If our report doesn’t get updated daily cut us a little slack. You can always check out our facebook fan page for some great stuff. In the near future I will be revamping the site yet again to work with our magazine. Nosara Shack Magazine will be printed and sold in nosara only. Online users can subscribe to our flipbook. We’ve taken our time to create something we think is special. Our photography now has a home in print which beats the hell out of wasting it on social networks. ūüôā

The surf in Guiones today is chest high with some sneakers and an onshore wind early morning. Fun session but a little crowded thanks to the small size. Looks like we should see another increase in size this weekend.


Below are some highlite photos from our last swell shot all over. We ¬†love surf adventures and would love to photograph your session. So if you’re ready to venture away from the noobness in Playa Guiones we know just the spots for you and your friends. Check out our rates page for pricing. We use professional gear both in and out of the water. for more info.


Today we had our first rain. It rained for about 30mins then stopped then as I write this report it is raining again. We need rain and it seems to be right on time.

Enjoy the weekend,

















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