Jan 23 2012 “Smaller than Small”

Surf is about as small as it gets here in Playa Guiones. After a long week in Nicaragua I’m happy to be back. It’s always fun visiting and surfing Playa Santana.  The level of surfing that comes from that area mixed with the quality of the wave is incredible.   Stay posted for a little video of the experience.
Surf today= 1 foot and micro. Winds are offshore early morning but the surf is similar to something you would see along the east coast in the middle of their summer. Looking forward it seems we have similar conditions for the rest of the week. It does appear the Carribean is getting some quality swell if you’re juggling which way to go. I took the photos below and have many more added to the photo galleries in our smugmug page.


Enjoy the week and try to do something nice for someone other than yourself at least once during it!

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