Jan 26 “High tide & Head High”

Higher tide early morning making for another big yet soft day in playa Guiones. The swell peaked yesterday with some overhead sets. Waves have had really good form but really soft. My wife rode a 5 5 on waves 3 feet overhead and I took out the 5 7. So no need for the guns cause this one has been mushy. Ostional would be the call today and tomorrow. Expect the swell to stay in the head high range for the remainder of the week with fun conditions. Please be respectful to others when you are out in the water. I got dropped in on by a Paddle Boarder on a big wave yesterday. When he saw me he bailed throwing his huge board out right into  mine. It luckily missed by an inch or so. It all could have been avoided by a simple look to see if anyone is coming! Have fun surfing and be safe… Enjoy the day! G

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