Jan 7 “Did we say Small?”

Should start to see a small increase in the size as early as tomorrow. Mon and Tues are looking pretty fun as well. It’s not going to be all the big but should be better than what we’ve had lately.

Surf today is waist high, clean, and really crowded main peak Playa Guiones. I got a report from Ostional Turtle Lodge showing a chest to head high barrel with no one out this morning. So if you want to venture North 20 mins  and spend a night in a great cabina next to an incredible wave book a night at www.surfingostional.com

Matt Vaughan takes our north end photos. He can be found at KayaSol daily 10-12. He adds his photos daily to an online gallery as well as a facebook hightlight gallery found on the nosarashack facebook fan page.

Also, We have a limited supply of t-shirts for sale at Manta Raya (Del Mar Surf Camp). Stop by and support the Shack. All proceeds go directly to my pocket in an effort to pay back what I spent! (At least we don’t bullshit you!)

Spead the Peaks, Spread the love, Peace  Love Anarchy & Kisses

Enjoy the weekend!


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