Jan 9 “Come on Surf Safari with me!”

Yo Matt skip work and come on a little surf safari with Alfredo, me, and our good friend LJ. Um… Okay! First part of the day was spent playing hookie from Surf Schools and crowds of egos in Playa Guiones. WE ventured North then South then South and yea, while it wasn’t perfect, it was still pretty damn fun sharing waves with a handful of your friends in exotic locations. Makes me remember why I first moved to Costa Rica . I think I will need to start doing this more often this high season..

With that said, Guiones is Chest to Head high and fun with a low tide at 8:30-45ish. Looks like it will keep size into tomorrow when the swell is suppose to peak. Size will then drop the rest of the week until Sat/Sun when we get a 180.

SURF PHOTOS = we will be back on schedule tomorrow. Matt Vaughan will be North end, I will be down south at the Nosara Shack Flag, Candice will be heading to Mal Pais to deliver reports and photography from that area and Alfredo will be Alfredo. We have Hats Coming this week, Decals on their way, T-shirts in stock, and more. Thanks for all the support as we continue to grow. I think this is our 3rd year and we’re stronger than ever.. NO plans on selling out just yet!

BOOK US TO SHOOT YOUR PRIVATE SESSION $50 one hour can be split between two people. Why is this a good deal? Because you get all your photos versus having to pay full price for a free surf photo. SURF@NosarShack.com or 26820956
Have a great week!

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