July 12 “Waist high and getting smaller”

I am going on my 5th year in Nosara and this is the smallest year I have seen. A few good swells will sneak in but waist high during our peak months for South Swells isn’t really worth getting excited over. Check the old surf reports link to see past years.

Is swell coming? um, no nothing in the works. It’s actually going to get smaller before it gets bigger. Good news is ,as always, we have a little something to ride. So if you’re in town with some groms be sure to stop by our store to see the best photos around. We take pride in photography and we hope it shows. Thanks for visiting nosarashack.com , Nosara needed a real surf website so we built one out of 100%surf! Support your local businesses & enjoy the Tico culture. This is Costa Rica!




















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