July 17 “Improved conditions”

Surf today started off a complete mess but by the evening it turned into a fun little reform shorebreak which all the groms took advantage of. Looks like a South swell will start to build a little tomorrow . Expect Guiones to get back on track in the next few days. After almost a week of rain I can honestly say I might get sick of this rainy season.

Be sure to check out the latest Transworld Magazine as well as Eastern Surf Magazine if you’re in the States or have access to them here.  Both Matt and me had photos  of Nosara/East Coast ESM Surfers Robby and Selena in next months issues.

Video below is from a few different days of footage I had here in Guiones of two of my favorite local surfers. Luigui and Kevin, both are brothers and solid surfers with more style than most. Luigui also owns a local surf school in town called Nosara Tico Surf School. If you want to get lessons from one of the best around check them out www.nosara-surf-school.com


Enjoy the photos from the evening~graham

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