June 19 “Smaller Surf”

Surf today has dropped in size since the last few days. Thanks to Matt Vaughan for doing the reports while we were in Pavones. If you missed the video and photos from the trip check them out HERE . Looks like we have some swell headed our way Tuesday which should be interesting. Tides are a bit fat early morning so it might be worth it to hit up those surrounding secret spots that local gringos think no one knows about.  Hit us up this week on the beach. Rumor has it Alfredo will be working tomorrow shooting the Del Mar Surf Camp so make sure to stop by and tell him he sucks.

Remember you can find Matt Vaughan’s north end photos in his gallery online (visit the find your surf photos link at top of the page) or catch up with him at KayaSol Daily 10-12pm. Enjoy the week and try to do something nice for someone other than yourself at least once during it. ~graham

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