June 21 “All Smiles and Sunshine”

Good news is the sun is shining bright. Bad news is the surf is big and closing out. I photographed South End for an hour or so and can honestly say I saw no one catching waves other than dropping in and getting worked! Looks like this angle swell wasn’t for Guiones but it might be for other spots. Heard rumor of some places insanely good today. A few feet overhead and soft closeouts if that makes sense. That is my report for today anyways.

I’m excited to have Matt Vaughan photographing some of the south end free surfers in the water. Alfredo is busy with Del Mar Surf camp and I have great group of females from Women’s Surf Adventures so its nice to know Matt is taking care of everyone else. Matt’s photos can be seen online via his smugmug gallery daily or you can visit him at KayaSol 10-12 daily. Matt’s photography is incredible both surf and non surf material contact him to book an appointment matt@nosarashack.com. I can promise no other photographer in this area comes close to capturing the surf experience as good as Matt. In the end clients walk away with something to frame on their wall and not just a facebook profile photo. see his gallery here http://mattvaughanphotography.smugmug.com/SurfPhotos

Our “Finding Utopia” movie keeps getting better and better and just when I think I can not add any more footage I capture some amazing stuff. In the trip to Pavones I scored 4 or 5 of Costa Rica’s professional surfers free surfing this amazing wave. While I put together a little sample video as a teaser, I can promise the footage in the film will open your eyes. So if all goes well look for a release date of July! ~G

Here are a few photos I snapped during the morning. Enjoy!

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