June 6 “Rain and Rain and did we mention more Rain”

Well while it’s not September it sure does feel like it. Non stop day of raining since about 10am this morning. We luckily were able to squeeze some photos in for the report before the downpour started. It’s hit or miss this time of year and it really seems as if the weather in Central America has been a few months off for over a year now. Maybe that means by the real full on rainy season it will be clear blue skies with offshores blowing. One can only hope.
Looks like the surf is building throughout the day. Head high and soft early morning with light onshore winds and  really crappy form. Should see a great increase in size in the next couple of days but if the weather keeps up it could mean a few days of big crappy surf. Let’s hope that’s not the case.  220 degree swell means it’s going to be similar to the last swell. A good time to hit some of those other spots considering the tides will be just right early morning. Magic Seaweed and Surfline are calling for 8 foot plus meaning some double over head fun… Enjoy the

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