March 25 “Surf’s up, Down, then back up”

Morning Sessions are on fire right now. Crowds are a little thinner and the waves are plentiful. Shacks right and left.We have lower tides this week making for racing wedges of bliss.  Then comes the evening sessions with onshore winds and the  high tide making crap for surf. My recommendations are to get in the water and surf  from 6am to 11am or whatever time the winds come onshore and not count on the evening sessions . This is unless offshores are blowing hard.
South swells will light up many areas around Guanacaste. Seek and find your spot. Reports of some insane conditions both North and South.

We have all of your photos in our new office located inside of MONKEY QUADS. Our hours are 10-2pm daily . Stop by and say hello, browse ur photos, book a private session, buy some gear, rent a quad, or more!

Have a great day!

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