March 9 “Big, Clean, and Umm. Not really that great!”

I would love to say the surf was firing but honestly the shape is crap. A few clean shoulders to hop on the smaller ones but the good and big ones are just closing down. It’s pretty typical for this angle swell. Size is about head high and low tides are mid morning 8ish. I am going to take a shot in the dark and say I think tomorrow we should see improvement here in Guiones in the morning session. Look for a slight decline but it won’t last long because we have  another swell entering  the area. Early morning session in Ostional, Marbella, Camaronal, would be a great call if Guiones isn’t working.

Alfredo is back in work mode after a month or so of vacation. With this said I have been slack doing the reports. I’d love to say I’m on vacation but I have more video projects on my desk than I could ever hope for. If you’re wanting surf photos from the last  month give us a week to get our galleries caught up. We take pride in doing private photography versus trying to photograph the entire beach. Book us to photograph ur adventure

Have a great weekend! ~graham

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