May 13 “Waiting Game”

Yea, An utter disappointment in the surfing forecast.  Surf continues to be small with luckily a little punch early morning. Looks like Sunday it should increase. Waist high today with some stomach high sets and light onshore winds early morning. Crowd factor is average so all in all, if you’re hard up for surf like I am then you should go get wet.

Looks like Alfredo and Matt are hard at work today. I shot the photos below for the report but be sure to check our facebook fan page to see theirs.  If you’re interested in advertising on a website that is made  only for surf then why not send us an email and let us help get your name out? We get thousands of hits a week and we’re not trying to push a bunch of bullshit on you. Simply surf in surf out. Our photographers are all freelance and get 100 percent of their earnings. Alfredo is Nosara’s only Tico photographer  and boy has he made a name for himself in the surfing world of Costa Rica. If you ever have a chance to meet this guy you’ll be impress at how humble and how much knowledge he has.  Don’t tell him I said that though..

In the world of generous contributors I say to you one thing. Give from your heart not because you desire praise. Help not because you want the community to know you helped, but because you actually want to help. Publicizing how generous you are only works if the first two things are in order. I might be labeled an asshole but I’ve tried for many years to incorporate this into daily life. This isn’t directed towards anyone but if you take it personal consider evaluating your life.

Enjoy the weekend, I will shut up now!~graham

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