May 7 “Off to a Bad Start”

If you look back in photo archives you will see that last May was consistently the biggest and best month of last year. Size was overhead most of the month and the conditions were super clean. Well this isn’t the case so far for this May but let’s hope that changes.

Surf today is looking waist high with some stomach high sets. Not really much to ride but if you’re enjoying most of the tourist being gone then it’s probably worth getting wet. Lineup is a little thinner these days and everyone is a friendly face. Surf Schools aren’t pushing that many noobs into the waves and the occasional evening showers are passing through.  Life is good…

Look for an increase in size Wednesday but don’t expect much out of it. (2.5 at 14 seconds with a 220 swell angle) Matt Vaughan is on the road this week but Alfredo the great will be back taking daily frames tomorrow.  Enjoy the weekend and thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and the fun night! ~graham

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