Nov 10 2014 “Sunny,Small,Hot, n Crowded”

We had some nice rains yesterday. Not the flooding type but the refreshing type which is good. I am not ready for the town to turn into pure dust yet. Surf today is pretty small but the lower tide made it fun. Looks like Mid week surf will get a little better but nothing epic in the works as of yet. We have lots of people in town already so be sure to read the rules of surfing etiquette as to not piss or hurt anyone in the lineup. If you’re in town be sure to stop by mini super Guiones (south entrance) and pick up a magazine. Issues 1 and 2 are sold there and issue 3 is in the works. Enjoy your week and be sure to do something nice for someone other than yourself at least once during it.
Pura Vida, Graham

if you liked Finding Utopia here is the trailer for my next film. Lots of surf and culture from the area.















































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