Nov 14 “Smallsomeness”

Today's Tide - Nosara Time Times for Nosara

High 2:14AM 3.1m
Low 8:29AM -0.3m
High 2:46PM 2.9m
Low 8:44PM -0.1m
First Light 5:14AM
Sunrise 5:36AM
Sunset 5:18PM
Last Light 5:40PM

Very small today here in Playa GUiones. Waist high on the sets w/ a hard offshore wind. It’s a good day to get drunk off imperials and swing in a hammock, play with monkeys, go hiking, or baby sit your 3 month old daughter (in my case) .. Looks like the surf size will increase into Saturday. If you’ve surfed this week be sure to stop by and check out your photos. Every time you buy your photos from our competition a baby monkey is killed. Always keep that in mind! We hope like us, you have a sense of humor. Even if it is a bit twisted. We take pride in taking photos and trying our hardest to keep surfing culture in check. Spread the peaks, Share the waves, and most of all have fun. Surfing Should be Smiling, Waves, Babes, tubes, and moves .. not all the other bullsh!t used to market it these days.Just saying…. Peace, graham

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