Nov 16 ” Rainy Day Time to Lay”

Looks like November isn’t finished with the rain quite yet. Last season was the same. It rained up until Nov 27th. (I know this because it was my wedding day and the rain stopped long enough for me to get hitched) Looks like it might actually be like this tomorrow for a while as well. As for the waves, What waves? Pretty bad conditions at the moment and not the best week of November. So, Pray for surf and sun. Swell should start to fill in tomorrow so keep them fingers crossed for some good stuff. I managed to snap a few photos today in between getting soaked. Very special thanks to Juan in the last photo. His wife and him make and sell jewelery amongst a bunch of other really cool things. Today he made us a Nosara Shack mobile and a pretty damn cool one at that. If you’re in town you have to check these guys out. They are all true artist making a living selling their work. (boy do I know the feeling) You can find him near main break on the side of the street or his wife has a shop located in front of cafe paris next to Del mar Surf camp called MaderArte.
Enjoy ! graham

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