Nov 23 “Small and Crowded Cont….”

Surf is very small and very crowded. Surf Schoolz and shreddas trying their hardest to fit into one place. Looks like it’s going to be small for the next week so you might wanna find other things to do if you’re a local surfer. Into Monday we should see a really good improvement with the size and by Tuesday it should be cooking! Thanks for making your quickstop for a surf fix. We have been busy trying to photograph everything known to man in Nosara but we promise to have some new videos up shortly. Lack of surf never helps videos either. I mean, do you really wanna see surf schools pushing each other into waves? Well maybe if they have some awesome wipeouts and stuff!! til then…

Surf this week and need your photos? Simple cick above link or banner or give us a buzz 26820956 or for a disc. NosaraShack takes pride in being one of the best surf sites in Costa Rica. We’re a community of surfers, photographers, and artist all working freelance. …. WE cover local and Professional contest as well as make surf films. What more could you ask for?

Enjoy the week,

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