Nov 3 ” Got Sun but Crap waves”

Head high crap is what I label the surf today. A 223 and a 201 making for a complete mess. Head high with some bigger sets and onshore winds. Evening sessions have been a bust as well. Good week to get stuff done before the crowds start showing up. Nosara Shack is looking forward to a ROCKN season full of nice people sharing waves, solid swells, Shacks, and  bathing beauties that don’t bitch about us photographing their arses.  With that said, did you know that every time you refer a friend to a howler monkey is saved and a new angel is born?  So why not tell the world to check out our site. Where else in Costa Rica are you going to find a website dedicated to photography and video of surfing? Yup, it’s always been our Motto “More Surf Less Bullshit”.. My dreams of running a surf site started about 8 years ago when I got sick of reading through a ton of sponsor ads and crap trying to see surf reports and surf related stuff… I am proud of what we have evolved into . Our ads are very modestly sized on the website and we only use Facefart aka facebook to do the advertising dirty work and sell our photos (at least it’s good for something).

Increase in the surf size into tomorrow with a pretty high tide early morning should mean similar conditions unless the winds help us out. Should remain overhead to well overhead for the next week so keep your fingers crossed for those days where it’s all worth the wait.  Enjoy the day and the photos ~graham



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