Nov 9 “Great Surf, Great Crowd to go with it”

Today was a combo pack. If you ordered waves you got waves plus a crowd thrown in for free. Sad thing is most were locals. Seems like 6-8am is prime time to catch it relaxing but after 8am it’s plan pathetic and pointless to paddle battle. Entire North End was on fire but people just sat on the palm break thinking they were going to get the wave of their life and a photo to go along with it. Um did you know we’re mobile with photography? Shit you not, If you decided to fill in the spots North we can actually use our feet to walk in that direction and photograph you.

Looking forward size should grow a little into tomorrow but similar conditions. Head high with offshores early morning and a hard low tide with the full moon.
Enjoy the photos from Alfredo Barquero and book him for a private session


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