Oct 18 “Rain with a side of Rain”

If you like wet you’re loving Nosara right now. We need rain but probably not this much at one time. If it keeps going things could get ugly. It comes and goes but most of the day has included it coming more than going.

I didn’t even make it to see the surf today but I am sure it wasn’t all time. Look for similar conditions unless the weather clears. By mid next week looks to be a little better so keep checking to see photo updates.

If for some odd reason you’re a fan of NosaraShack.com, (Moms and dads don’t count) we are happy to say this year we are releasing our area’s first Surf Magazine.We finished most of it but thanks to a high demand of people wanting to print it we might be able to have 1000 issues coming to Nosara by December meaning we will have room for some local advertising . It is a pretty visual magazine but it does have some interesting articles like Fit to Rip, Surf School Dropouts, Portfolios from area photographers, and locals shredding in and around this area… More info to come but if you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email surf@nosarashack.com .  Stay dry if you’re in Nosara! Peace, graham



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