Oct 19 “Let there be Light and there was light.. but the surf still sucked”

Looks like the sun decided to join us today. The sun is my homeboy. I haven’t had a chance to hang with him for a while now. We use to see each other lots before the second week of October came. He would get me really baked and keep me all warm feeling. I would watch him go down on mother ocean while riding her beautiful waves. Okay , my report is starting to sound like soft porn. Here’s the deal. The sun is out but the surf is crap. Looks like it might clean up in the next few days so keep your fingers crossed for that. Good news is the debris in the lineup are gone and the beach is somewhat clean and ready for the bonfires. I read a sign that said Bonfires are Illegal in Guiones and also that we should have our dogs on leashes. I laughed till i got a skid mark in my pants. So wait, if there is no penalty for robbing someone’s house or assaulting another person in Nosara but we can get a ticket for a camp fire on the beach umm, WTF is wrong with people? Peace and Anarchy is what makes Nosara special. I am thinking about starting a cult this season to cast spells on people who are quick to forget THIS IS EFFING COSTA RICA … Endulge in the Tico culture and the beauty of this place or beat it!!! I’m not the one trying to change it into anything other than what it already is..

Oh and thanks for the support. ALFREDO, MATT, CANDICE, MYSELF, AND SAMBO will be back on the beaches soon enough bringing you tons of photos, videos, and news from the Beautiful beaches of Guanacaste. We hope to cover more of the CNS circuit this season (HINT HINT for those wanting to help sponsor poor photographers travels for incredible exposure) as well as make another surf flick if we can ever get this one finished….

I took some photos today so enjoy

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