Oct 29 “The day after yesterday”

Today’s surf is a joke. I think mother earth told mother nature to screw with our heads. Having a good run of nice morning surf and insane evening sessions we finally got cut off. Looks like it’s going to be even smaller tomorrow if you can believe that. Surf should start to build early in the week while a new swell approaches.

On a more fun note. We have a a halloween surf session we’ve been planning for months going on tomorrow morning 8am at the main break Playa GUiones. Bring your best costume and get featured in our Halloween video in Monday’s report. Hell, I could even use the footage as a bonus section in “Finding Utopia” . Should be fun weather permitting. Winner of best costume gets the same prize as last year which is “Nothing”.. Everyone wins and gets free photography and a chance to be a part of the funness and mayhem. Spread the word..

I shot a quick video and made some photos until 10mins later my battery died. Paz y Anarchy ~g

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