Oct 30 “Sunny and Clean”

Clean offshore winds, Sunshine, and Surf Students. Looks like summer is pretty much here. Waist to stomach high and poor/fair conditions. Look for an increase into tomorrow but not by much. We aren’t really due for anything great until early next week but you can still enjoy the daily chest high stuff with clean conditions.   If you’re in the area our office will reopen on Thurday and our daily galleries with photos are now online. We are located  Main break Playa Guiones inside Monkey Quad rentals and our hours are 10-4pm M-Sat.

Join us tomorrow morning for our 2nd annual halloween surf party. Surfing in ur costume!!!Starts at 8am and we will be providing free surf photos for all attending and throwing a party at Chaman’s bar in the evening (9pm-10pmish)

















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