Oct 9 ” Not Worth Mentioning”

Compared to the last few days today’s surf was junk. Semi-clean early morning and super soft.  Mother Nature needed to give father OLAS some Viagra but it’s okay we still managed to get a ton of photos and even a bloody video. The video footage was shot from either Sam Shook or Alfredo Barquero. I just threw the photos on the video today because I am lazy. I lose track of who does what these days with the Short Term Memory  that comes with living in Playa Guiones. For those of you wanting to make the move to Nosara Costa Rica I can give you a true example of life here. What I am doing today will be the same thing I am doing next week as well as the same thing I will be doing next month more less.  That’s just the way life works here. SLow Motion… It’s a love hate thing.  I hope you like to surf because other than looking at Monkeys and getting drunk there might not be too much else going on unless your a NRA member wanting to test out firearms on one of our many expert local thieves..

Back to surf. Looks like tomorrow should start to build and build pretty fast towards the evening. Not sure what the 260 degrees swell is going to do for this area but we can only hope that it stays on track with the rest of October as being A W E S O M E!  Either way we should have some photo proof .

****update Oct 10  Looks like it’s back to rainy season for the next couple of days.It was fun while it lasted. Lets hope we get some breaks of sunshine cause it looks like a lot of rain is headed this way….

Peace and Anarchy ~graham

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