October 12 ” Yellow Bellly Snakes and Pachotes in da lineup”

Surf today is junk. Pura Junka. (don’t think that is a word) Looks like this is the last day of this rain wave but it still might need a couple of days to clean up. GET YER FISHING ON if you’re into that. Go clean the house, Get drunk, Get Laid, Get ur whatever else on cause surfing isn’t going to happen..
Finding Utopia is in the final stages as I am color correcting. This means at the rate I am going it could take another 6 years to finally finish. Maybe it will be “Retro” at that time. EIther way thanks to anyone wanting to be a part of it.  I hope it turns out well.

Looks like surf will improve in the next few days weather permitting. Looks like cloudy stuff for another week though but that could all change. Keep ur fingers crossed.


Pura Vida, Tuanis, Anarchy, Paz y Amor ~graham

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