October 5 “Building”

Surf is building quickly but the wind decided to come early this morning. High tides and onshore winds making for average surf here in Playa Guiones. Would be nice to have an evening glass-off but don’t expect it yet. Looks like tomorrow morning could be pretty good as this new swell arrives.

We have started our Smugmug gallery photos again. I deleted the past two seasons and cleaned the gallery up to make it much easier to find your surf photos. People often ask what services do we offer and how do we make a living at Nosara Shack. This is how: We sell photos to the public via our Smugmug page (Click find your photos above), we book private photography/video sessions for people wanting to go on surf adventures or surf somewhere else other than the main peak in Guiones, We also do tons of commercial things like weddings, properties, houses, and event photography. Tons of samples if anyone is interested in using our services. Each Nosara Shack photographer has been asked this season to provide a link to their own portfolio (mine is www.projectgfs.com)allowing the world to see their work. So stay posted for beautiful photos from our Staff photographers.

Enjoy the photos I only had a few people in the lineup today.



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