Sept 25th “Sunny n Windy”

Chest high and mixed up with a sideshore wind and small wave period swell. It’s been really sunny this week but the winds are onshore by early morning making for not so great conditions. For this time of the year it’s very rare to have this much sunshine this far into rainy season. I think i’ve seen it like this one other time in the 7 years I have lived here. It could mean more rain into late Nov or if it skips rain all together it could mean very low water levels for the middle of high season. Only time will tell. predicting weather here this time of year is also impossible. Look for some cool new things this season from us. We’ve decided to open our store back up selling prints, clothes, magazine and other cool stuff. Keep posted for our grand opening in Nov as well as a new issue of NS Magazine coming in Late December. If you’re interested in supporting the shack and advertising your business, what better way than to put an ad in our next issue. for more info. Enjoy the week wherever you are. graham





















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