So here we are…

Minutes before the second operation where they successfully reattached the retina
Minutes before the second operation where they successfully reattached the retina
Almost a month ago I was involved and a surfing accident that left me trying to save my left eye. In short, the board flipped directly into my eye exploding the retina and ripping through the side of the cornea, amongst other damage. The doctors said it was the worst surf injury for an eye they had seen and told me I would probably never have any useful vision from that eye. Two surgeries later I did regain some vision back and every day the eye seems to take two steps forward and a few back. I have no clue if the future holds more surgeries and hope for more vision but only time will tell. I have tried to stay positive throughout the entire ordeal. Either way, you’re gonna find me back in the lineup and behind the camera one day in the near future!

With that said, I have promised some of my family and friends that wanted to help I would put together something to help fund these expenses. Most of my surgeries are covered by Costa Rica’s Beautiful Health Care system (which I plan to write an article about). I am a permanent resident of Costa Rica with Social Security which is a blessing during times like this. The things it did not however cover were cost such as emergency Aifare/ambulance to SJO, private ultrasounds, private consultation,some lodging for my wife, Glaucoma medicines, and so on. The cost adds up and has nearly drained every penny of my savings as well as my wife’s. On top of it all I can’t work for at least the next three months meaning the bills are going to start to stack. Instead of begging for donations I would like anyone interested in helping to consider buying a print or canvas of my photography. There are a mixture of black and white and color prints. These prints are only available in the US but if you live in Nosara you can use the donate button below and give the file name and size print you require so I can bring them to you. (might be wise to email me directly so we are on the same page). BROWSE PRINTS

And for those of you who just want to help feel free to donate but understand that by no means do I want anyone to feel obligated to. Only if you really want to.

This was the board that got me.
This was the board that got me.
Three days later in Hospital Mexico after the first operation.  No vision in that eye.
Three days later in Hospital Mexico after the first operation. No vision in that eye.
Today Aug 24, 2015 . Healing in San Carlos, CR
Today Aug 24, 2015 . Healing in San Carlos, CR

Good news in all of this is we should start to go back to our daily surf reports and photos next season. I have plans to train a local to shoot days I can’t. This past season was really busy for us, limiting our time doing reports and daily photos. I also have a Magazine Issue and Movie “Andante” both sitting on my PC waiting to be finished. Hopefully I can get them done during rainy season if my good eye doesn’t strain too much. enough of the blah blah, GO SURF!

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  1. Sorry to hear about your accident cuz. Be strong .. It’s in your blood! We are praying for you and your beautiful family. Take care and hope to see you soon!

  2. Dear Graham, see how you manage with your computer work when you return. If it is too much and you need a hand (or extra pair of eyes), please get in touch with me. I can help you wrap up the magazine and any other graphic design project.
    Heal swiftly,

  3. I would love to help you out , I am out off the country ,please let me know how to sent money or buy your picture!

    .Take care.xxxxooo

  4. I’m SO happy to hear you’re getting back behind the lens… A ton of us having been thinking about you. Hope to see you in Nosara soon. Rich

  5. Hey Baby – you take care of yourself and your precious family. We are all praying for your recovery and sending love, light and support. Please take this time to recover – poco, poco.


  6. We love you! Sent you a little gift and all I want in return is for you to have some peace of mind that you beautiful daughter and wife will be taken care of!!! We love you Page, Sebas, Chandy

  7. Hi Graham, So sorry to hear that you had an accident but glad that you are healing and have such a positive attitude. Prayers for you that your sight will be healed and you’ll be back taking photos before too long. Your pictures are beautiful. You are very talented. Take care,

    Ms. Brenda

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