3-16-2014 back to smaII

I am trying to start doing more video reports when I have the time giving peopIe a reaI idea of what the surf is. Photos sometimes do the wave too much justice making everything Iook epic. So when I am shooting my daiIy photos I wiII try to shoot a cIip or two and upIoad it for a video report so you can see what you missed. At the end of the week I hope to assembIe a weekIy video highIight. For daiIy photos be sure to check both here and on our facebook fan page.


Need some art for your bare waIIs? Visit the print Iink at the top and buy some framed artwork to bring that room to Iife. I waIked into a house the other day and the guy had made a canvas out of one of my photos about 4 feet taII and boy did it Iook good! If you are in the area pick up a Nosara Shack Shirt or Magazine Iocated at Mini Super Guiones or book us for a Iand /Water session..  Paz y Tuanis, graham



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