May 2 “Nosara’s 1st National Champion”

Congratulations to Cristian Santamaria. after placing 2nd in the Mal Pais Contest he took the title of Costa Rica’s Longboard Nacional Champion 2011. This is the first title ever won by a Nosareño.. !!!!!Felicidades a Cristian Santamaria. Despues de colocarse 2do en el torneo de Mal Pais a ganado el titulo de Campeon Nacional en Longboard. Primera vez que un Nosareño gana un titulo Nacional. Muchisimas Felicidades!!!!

We will be posting a complete gallery from the event later in the day.

Surf today in Guiones is running waist to chest high and semi clean early morning with light onshore winds. Super hot but we did get some evening showers yesterday. Would be nice to get a repeat again today. May of last year was the biggest month of the entire year. Check our smugmug galleries archives if you don’t believe us. Head high plus for most of the month. However based on the consistency of mother nature these days I could hardly predict what’s in store for us this year.

Photos below are from me (graham) today as Staff photographers took the day off after a long photo filled weekend. Thanks for checkn out Nosara’s Underground surf site . Our Motto is : MORE SURF LESS BULLSHIT! Meaning you’re only going to see surf stuff and nothing else….~g

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