Oct 31 “Happy Halloween”

So I grew up one of those kids never participating in Halloween. The simple thought of dressing up and acting like a douche bag to get candy wasn’t really appealing. No way, I was way 2 kewl for skool when it came to Halloween. This all changed at around 30 when I had to live with 2 surfer dudes for 6 months in Wrightsville Beach NC before moving to Costa Rica. Zach and Bryan taught me everyday could be Halloween. We made a weekly habit of going to Goodwill and getting cool gear to wear out to the bars on the weekends or just around the house.  I learned to enjoy the fact that people looked at us like we were idiots.  That’s the turning point and when I decided Halloween is effing cool. With that said Alfredo and I decided months back to do a surf report with Halloween costumes. I mean, I know I get tired of seeing myself, Alfredo and the tons of other kooks in Guiones trying to surf so why not at least make us look funny while doing it.  Anyway, here is the end result  and thanks to anyone who was a part of it considering the short notice. Dedicated to anyone who likes to have fun and with a sense of humor. Happy Halloween Satan, Souls, Bush family and the  Illuminati, and everything else evil in this world.
Paz ~graham