March 30 ” Could be the Start of Something Beautiful”

Surf today is running double overhead to a little bigger on the sets. It’s not as big as it looks from the beach but it could change tomorrow. 6-9 foot forecast for tomorrow and SSW swell at 216 normally means closeouts but thanks to the higher tides early morning it might make for some clean fun and grande size. Everyone is searching for spots firing but I say if you want to surf Guiones which is a soft wave with 15 foot faces tomorrow might be the day. Oh, and as an added bonus I’ll provide the photography.

I took the photos below before joining in on the fun. We have hundreds more from today and a batch from Matt Vaughan coming in as well. Stop by the shop to see your photos or to say hello. We take pride in what we do and it’s days like this that makes it all worthwhile.