Dec 31 2012 “Better than nothing”

Today's Tide - Nosara Time Times for Nosara

High 4:31AM 2.7m
Low 10:39AM 0.1m
High 5:00PM 2.7m
Low 10:57PM 0.3m
First Light 5:35AM
Sunrise 5:58AM
Sunset 5:34PM
Last Light 5:56PM

I wouldn’t say the surf is anything worth writing home to mom about but as always there is something to ride. Looks like we should see it pick up in size Thursday and get even better when Saturday rolls around. Today is waist high with some stomach sneakers and semi clean.

This time of the year we love doing private photo sessions. There are simply too many people in the water to photograph everyone. If you’re not finding those epic surf photos of yourself on our site and want some beautiful photos to forever freeze the memory of you surfing in Nosara, book us for a private session. $50 for 1 hour gets you and a friend a ton of photos.(as many waves as you catch)

Enjoy the week. Spread the peaks and stuff.