Surf Fix

Our high season here in Nosara is coming to an end and boy was a surf trip well deserved. When my buddy asked if I wanted to head North up the Coast I jumped at the offer to get out of dodge. We left at 4:30am to try and catch a slim line-up but anyone who has visited Costa Rica this time of year knows it can be a hit or miss. By 5:30 we were in the water and shortly after the crowds were there to get in on the action. I paddled out with my friends Dave Burns and Ryan Garbutt (love sticks surfboards), while Dave’s wife Susan stayed on the beach snapping photos (SunBurns Photo).
It is a rare occurrence that I am not the one behind the lens on these trips, so it felt strange in a way, but I was definitely not complaining. In the water, I noticed something was a little different than my daily surf routine in Playa Guiones. The people weren’t dropping in on each other and everyone still seemed to be catching their share of waves. Three hours later when our knees could barely move we called it quits and reflected on the hellacious wipe-outs that we experienced while trying to get into shacks that didn’t want anything to do with us. 8 years of full time living in the land of Costa Rica and boy does it feels good to take a mini vacation, even if it is only for a morning session an hour away. Thanks for the good time fellas and thanks for the great photos Susan.