Dec 26 Weekly Highlights

Happy Holidays from Nosara Shack!
We hope Santa, Baby Jesus, Buddha, Yahweh, or whatever your reason for celebrating this past week, was good to you! It’s a special time of the year where even the assholes of the world have a tendency to be nice. Here was our vibe in Playa Guiones the past 7 days.

The surf started off small and semi crowded during the first portion of the week and by the end of the week it was even smaller and more crowded. No need to fear, this is normal for this time of year. Be sure to share the waves and watch out for others in the lineup. Surf should continue to remain small into next week with offshore winds most of the day.  Wednesday might see a little increase in size with 2-4feet at 15 seconds but don’t hold your breath for anything spectacular. Logs, fish, and fun boards are the vibe this month. If you’re headed down be sure to bring one. The weather is nice and the water is blue!

Daily Surf Photos!!!!

Stoked on the photos this week. Susan Burns, Matt Vaughan and Myself captured them.   I post my daily photos here for purchase. contact Matt Vaughan   for his, and Sun Burns are here . Might sound like a lot of work but if you’re confused you can always send us an email and we can help you sort it out.














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Dec 26